How To Sell Your House Without An Agent And Save The Commission.

Many home owners, want to sell their properties on their own, to help save the cost of commission. This is definitely understandable especially in rough economic times, such as these. So in addition to posting your home on a for sale by owner site, here is a list of thing you can do, to sell your home on your own quickly. These are the tools I use to sell homes and I sold this home in only 2 weeks!

If you’re wondering why, I’m giving you this information, the honest answer is because not everyone wants to use a Real Estate Agent and that’s okay, so if I have knowledge to help you, then, I want to give it to you. Before anything, I’ve always had a desire to help people and this is one of the best ways I can help people right now. Good Luck!

1. Use Artificial Intelligence

Create a digital ad. of your home, that uses AI technology. Your home’s Ad will target potential buyers in your area and follow them around the web, mobile apps, Facebook and Instagram. This is important because the more someone sees your ad, the more likely they are to click on it and view your home.

When you create these ads, most providers will send you reports, that shows how your home is performing on the web. You’ll see number of views and how many people click on your ad.

In addition most providers will give you a link to your ad, to share on your social media pages with your friends and family, this will further help promote your home for sale. The key to selling your home quickly, is maximum exposure.

2. Create a Streaming Commercial

Due to current events with Covid 19, it is more important than ever to have virtual home tours.

But for the most exposure and to get your home sold fast, take your virtual home tour a step further. Use your virtual home tour to create a streaming commercial of your home. They are less expensive than you think, but either way, you have to spend some money to make money.  Depending on which provider you use, your home’s commercial will be featured on streaming channels like: Hulu, HGTV, ABC, FOX and more.

3. Advertise to Your Sphere of Influence, (aka your friends and family), on Social Media

As mentioned above, you can use the AI ad you create and post it on your personal social media pages. Remember maximum exposure is everything, when it comes to selling your home quickly, so don’t be shy about sharing your home on all your social media sites, daily!

4.  Create a web or Facebook Page For Your Property

When you sell your home on your own, create a web or social media page for your home. Here is an example of what your page should look like:

Share the link to your home’s page, on all your social media sites. always remember exposure, exposure, exposure! No matter how redundant it seems.

5. Create a List of Potential Buyers To Send Your Property Info.

This one is a little trickier, as a Real Estate Agent, I have a running list of buyers who have visited past open houses and people who have contacted me from my advertisements and I advertise my homes for sale to this list of buyers.

So the question is as a home owner, how do you get a list like this? The best way I can think of is explore your email inbox. Use your inbox to find the email addresses of anyone who’s ever emailed you; your dentist, doctors, friends, colleagues anyone and send them all a link to your homes web or Facebook page. You’d be surprise, even if these people aren’t looking to buy a home, their friends, family and colleagues might be.

When trying to sell your home on your own, this is not the time to be shy. You have to put on your Realtor hat and promote, promote, promote. I hope all of this was helpful. Happy selling and if you ever have any Real Estate questions or needs feel free to reach out.