Client Reviews

Seekia was wonderful in helping me to find a home as a first time home buyer. She is very professional and excellent at discerning my needs. She helped me to understand the process. She is patient and always willing to answer my questions. This allowed me to feel confident in choosing a home  quickly. Thank you so much!” — Mira Mesa Buyer

Seekia was very knowledgeable, professional and personable. It felt like working with a close friend! We listed our home for higher than Seekia recommended just to see if there were any bites. When we revised the listing price to what she suggested we got multiple offers over asking price. It was  such a smooth process and she alleviated all my concerns during this time. I would definitely recommend her for your real estate needs” — Downtown Seller

I loved working with Seekia (Kia for short)! I bought my first home here in San Diego and Kia made the process very easy; she is knowledgeable, personable and dedicated. I asked a lot of questions since this was my first time buying a home and Kia was available to answer all my questions and in a  way that I understood. I was happy with the counter offer that we gave and that was accepted. Honestly, I’m surprised this was so easy! I highly recommend Kia and will myself seek her services the next time I am in the market for home buying.” — UTC Buyer

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