Whether you’re buying or selling a home (or both), your success hinges upon the expert advice and services provided by your real estate agent.

I’m committed to providing my clients with professional services based on my experience, knowledge and skills.

I’ve filled this website with tips and resources to help you quickly understand what you need to know — and how I deliver the services designed to meet your needs.

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Client Reviews

Seekia was wonderful in helping me to find a home as a first time homebuyer. She is very professional and excellent at discerning my needs. She helped me to understand the process. She is patient and always willing to answer my questions. This allowed me to feel confident in choosing a home  quickly. Thank you so much!” — Mira Mesa Buyer

Seekia was very knowledgeable, professional and personable. It felt like working with a close friend! We listed our home for higher than Seekia recommended just to see if there were any bites. When we revised the listing price to what she suggested we got multiple offers over asking price. It was  such a smooth process and she alleviated all my concerns during this time. I would definitely recommend her for your real estate needs” — Downtown Seller

I loved working with Seekia (Kia for short)! I bought my first home here in San Diego and Kia made the process very easy; she is knowledgeable, personable and dedicated. I asked a lot of questions since this was my first time buying a home and Kia was available to answer all my questions and in a  way that I understood. I was happy with the counter offer that we gave and that was accepted. Honestly, I’m surprised this was so easy! I highly recommend Kia and will myself seek her services the next time I am in the market for home buying.” — UTC Buyer

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Latest News

Make Buying a Home Smooth Sailing

In the nautical world of pleasure boating, there is a specific process to follow to ensure a fun day on the water. Skip one of those steps and you risk having a miserable experience. The same holds true when buying a new home. There is a process to follow to ensure ...

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Surprising Secrets of Successful Home Staging

“Staging” is about setting up and decorating each room of your home so that it looks as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Studies show that a property is more likely to sell quickly and for a better price if it is effectively staged. Even if you haven’t heard of staging ...

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Does the Property Meet the “Lifestyle Test”

Lifestyle is a very important criterion when shopping for a new home. After all, a home and its surrounding area are the places where much of your lifestyle is going to be experienced. So when considering a new home, think about the lifestyle to which the property is going to lend itself. ...

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Is a Low Offer a Good Idea?

You’ve spent a couple of weekends viewing homes. You’ve found a few that you like, but none were quite “it”. Then, finally, you visit a property that seems perfect for you. It has most of the features you’re looking for in a new home. You quickly fall in love with ...

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